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Wisdom from Gay-Straight Alliance youth activists at #GSAcamp

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If anyone is looking for how to change your pronouns to “their” on Facebook, watch this video!



I was getting really frustrated with it constantly saying “her” even though I didn’t have my gender shown in my profile, and this video showed me how to change it. :]

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Massachusetts Passes Transgender Rights Bill →

A bill that protects transgender people in Massachusetts from discrimination and hate crimes has been passed in both houses of the state legislature. It’s not yet known exactly when Gov. Deval Patrick, who supports the bill, will sign it.

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Detroit Trans Teen Missing Body In the Morgue for Weeks Unclaimed

Detroit, MI-When the news broke that the missing transgender teen body was found, it had been lying in the morgue for weeks unclaimed. Police announced that Henry “Shelly” Shelly Hilliard 19, the missing transgender teen from Detroit had been missing since the morning of October 23, 2011 from the area of Woodward and Longfellow, on Detroit’s Westside.

It wasn’t until weeks of searching passed, it was discovered that Hilliard’s body was found the same night she went missing. No one knew who she was. The teen, who was born Henry Hilliard, disappeared in the early hours of Oct. 23 and was last seen on the 900 block of Longfellow on Detroit’s west side. Hilliard, a native of Chicago, had been living in Detroit for the past seven years, with her mother, Lyniece Nelson.

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More than 50 books by Queer People of Color →


Thanks Tumblr folks for this list of 50 books by Queer People of Color. The list is well organized and includes Chicago resident Achy Obejas, one of my favorite authors. Check it out!

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Trigger warning (trans/homophobic language): Too trans to tango? US debates Chaz Bono on reality TV →

When Chaz Bono takes to the floor on American television’s “Dancing with the Stars” later this month, he won’t be lacking for fans — or detractors.

The 42-year-old LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) activist formerly known as Chastity Bono is the first transgender contestant on the US version of the globally popular reality television series.

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TOMORROW (Friday) is ‘Wear it Purple Day 2011’. Make sure you wear something purple to support rainbow youth at risk.
It could be a hair tie, piece of jewellery, singlet, shirt, jumper, socks or undies. ANYTHING PURPLE.


TOMORROW (Friday) is ‘Wear it Purple Day 2011’. Make sure you wear something purple to support rainbow youth at risk.

It could be a hair tie, piece of jewellery, singlet, shirt, jumper, socks or undies. ANYTHING PURPLE.

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MI Republican Introduces Anti-Trans Prisoner Bill →

Representative Hooker’s bill is ill-conceived and is yet another attack on the gay and transgender population of Michigan by this Legislature. To the best of my knowledge, only one other state — Wisconsin — has ever passed such a bill and the federal courts struck it down as unconstitutional. Lawmakers should not be in the business of legislating medical care and should not be substituting its judgment for that of the medical profession in such matters. For Representative Hooker to dance to the tune played by Mr. Glenn, the head of an organization labeled as a hate group by the Southern Law Poverty Center is the very antithesis of the “common-sense” he purports to be exercising. I extend an offer to Mr. Hooker to meet with me and discuss this issue in greater detail.”

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Judge apologizes to inmate seeking transgender surgery →


Michelle Kosilek, a convicted murderer, first sued the Massachusetts Department of Correction 11 years ago. Two years later, U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf ruled that Kosilek was entitled to treatment for gender-identity disorder, but stopped short of ordering surgery to complete Kosilek’s physical transition.

Kosilek sued again in 2005, arguing that the female hormones she was receiving were not enough to relieve her anxiety and depression. Kosilek argued that the surgery was a medical necessity and that the Department of Correction was violating her constitutional rights by refusing to provide the operation.

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“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”- Martin Luther King Jr. 

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”- Martin Luther King Jr. 

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totossandturn asked: I'm girl, but I still like guys, but I want to be a guy. So technically I'm a gay guy stuck in a girl's body. What's the term for this, if there is one?


As humans we attempt to use labels to explain the world around us. It is difficult to assign anyone a label if they do not first believe it to be true in their own hearts and minds. With that being said, it appears that you have a ftm trans* identity meaning then your gender is male even though your sex remains female. Who you are attracted to has nothing to do with your gender. Essentially you are a gay man just as you said. 

It is easy to forget  that sex, gender, orientation, and expression are all entirely different and unrelated aspects of who we are as people and no one label can really express all of those nuances.  I like to use the genderbread person  to explain it to people:

Good luck and I hope this helped.

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Trans wedding in Cuba highlights growing tolerance →

In a development considered unthinkable just a few years ago, a transgender woman and a man identifying himself as gay were married in a public wedding in Havana on Aug. 13, with family members, friends and newly emerging gay activists attending the ceremony.

“This is the first wedding between a transsexual woman and a gay man,” the 31-year-old groom, Ignacio Estrada, told the Associated Press. “We celebrate it at the top of our voices and affirm that this is a step forward for the gay community in Cuba,” the AP quoted Estrada as saying.


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Sex Change Surgery, Expenses Are Tax Deductible, Tax Court Rules


BOSTON — The U.S. Tax Court ruled Tuesday that a Massachusetts woman should be allowed to deduct the costs of her sex-change operation, a decision that could have broad implications for transgender people.

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