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Two grooms in Macy's ad spark controversy →


Look at these images closely. If you really scrutinize the one on the left, you’ll see the cake topper of two grooms that’s magnified on the right. Not too visible, right?

Apparently the grooms are enough to get a small conservative group outraged with Macy’s, who sent this ad to homes last week to encourage people to join Macy’s gift registry. 

An antigay group called One Million Moms, somehow related to the American Family Association, attacked Macy’s for “inappropriate marketing” and “offending conservative customers.” Well, well, well. A good portion of their statement can be found at the link above. 

Macy’s is a known supporter of LGBT causes, both through its generally pro-equality advertising and its consistently high ratings with HRC. If this group thinks it can take a corporate giant down for one ad, it’s sadly mistaken. Tough luck. 

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