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Proposition 8 same-sex marriage fight headed to U.S. Supreme Court →


U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals votes not to review smaller panel’s overturning of California’s gay marriage ban. High court is expected to review Prop. 8 this fall.

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“PFLAG is Listening” - A Message from the PFLAG Washington State Council

To all the politicians who are running for office in 2012:

We are the parents, families, and friends of the LGBTQ community and we are listening to what you are saying about those we love. We are your constituents too! We are NOT the “insignificant few”.

We are many.

We are united.  

We care.

And we are voting in November.

As you all may have heard, Washington State signed in a marriage equality bill. There was a referendum that was proposed (Referendum 74) to take this to the ballot in November, and the PFLAG Washington Council, along side the Women’s league of voters, petitioned in court last week to make sure the wording would be clear for voters.

We’ve also created this PSA, along with two family specific versions you can view in the channel, and I thought I would share and get the word out. A wonderful mom in the Bellevue chapter thought this up and I think the message is positive and powerful.

Check it out, pass it on.

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