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Monologue 1:


Just today I had something happen that really scared me. I’ve been out for four years now and never once have I felt threatened or scared or anything like that…until today. Our campus is supposed to be inclusive and accepting, etc.

Yet today, I am walking back from lunch across the IM fields towards the apartments and just enjoying the nice weather, when I hear what sounded like someone trying to get my attention from a car on the road. I turn around to see who it was and if they were talking to me, and I hear, “DYKE!” the guy sticks his arm out the back window of his truck and holds up the “shocker” sign with his hand, and I hear him and his buddy laugh as they drive off.
I was stunned. I felt like I wanted to throw up, scream at them and cry my eyes out all at the same time. I have never experienced something like that Normally I don’t let people’s words or actions affect me, but this really hurt me for some reason…

— 4 years ago with 2 notes