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EA Mass Effect 3 X390 (GRAB) | ADVOCATE.COM

Over the past few weeks, Electronic Arts has been flooded with letters and emails protesting LGBT content in some of its most popular games. 

In more recent EA games like Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic, the player is given the option to lead same-sex relationships. Upon release of these games, the Florida Family Association and the Family Research Council spawned a letter writing initiative. In a statement, Tony Perkins, leader of the Family Research Council, said, “In a new Star Wars game, the biggest threat to the empire may be the homosexual activists.”

EA’s vice-president of corporate communications told Games Industry International,  “Every one of EA’s games includes ESRB content descriptors so it’s hard to believe anyone is surprised by the content. This isn’t about protecting children, it’s about political harassment.” Letters have been directed to executives of the gaming company with the writers threatening to boycott the games published by the company if they do not remove LGBT content.

Matt Kane, GLAAD’s associate director of entertainment media believes this campaign will fall off like most others. Kane told Games Industry International, “Anti-LGBT campaigns are falling into a pretty consistent pattern these days, in which messages of hate directed at our allies are met with an overwhelming outpouring of support for our allies in response.”

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